WallRover Ltd

Dr Gary Sewell was looking for a Cumbria-based engineering company in 2009 and number 17 on a list of 32 provided by Mr Alan Smithson was Smith Engineering (GB) Ltd whose Managing Director is Mr Rodney Smith. During their first meeting Rodney could see the future potential and actively co-operated with and provided the facilities of his factory to Gary from October 2009 onwards to enable increasingly capable WallRover prototypes to be designed, manufactured and tested. The WallRover prototypes were promoted to Sellafield Ltd by Rodney and Gary which resulted in Sellafield Ltd placing their first WallRover Ltd order in 2011. WallRover Ltd was incorporated on the 12th December, 2011 and WallRover Ltd continues to develop and market its award winning WallRover platforms at its offices within the Smith Engineering (GB) Ltd factory in Maryport, Cumbria, UK. 

Sellafield Ltd - nuclear industry

WallRover Ltd has developed several WallRover variants which have been delivered to Sellafield Ltd since March 2012 for remote visual inspection work and for radio-nuclide characterisation work, including the 5.5kg WallRover B surface climbing platform. WallRover Ltd won the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority SME Innovation Award in November 2012 for its WallRover B hammer-action drilling platform and the Minister's SME Innovation Award in 2013 for its articulated WallRover A². In 2014 WallRover Ltd won the Sellafield Ltd Business Excellence Awards 2014 for its WallRover B - a new wall climbing technology delivery vehicle.

Other market applications

WallRover Ltd has applied the WallRover B platform to diverse industrial applications using different payloads whilst continuously improving the WallRover B platform to further enhance its transformational mobility and mission capabilities.


WallRover Ltd completed a very successful 18 week long WallRover B trials program on the 21.06.18.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further WallRover B platform information, thank you.