WallRover B with Proceq Profoscope™ rebar detector

The location, width, orientation and cover depth of rebar used in reinforced concrete structures needs to be ascertained if decommissioning work, such as scabbling, is to be performed on such structures.

Rebar detectors and cover meters can currently be manually scanned across reinforced concrete structures. Such structures can be many metres in height and may be located in hard to reach, contaminated environments, rendering the use of manually operated rebar detectors unsafe. Gaining access to these environments can take considerable time and be dose, labour and financially intensive to achieve.

The WallRover B rebar detector is the world's first wall climbing rebar detection and cover meter ROV that keeps the operator on the ground, out of harms way, and allows the location, width, orientation and cover depth of rebar used to strengthen concrete structures to be ascertained remotely and accomplished faster, safer and more cost effectively. These unique ROV capabilities are achieved by combining an award winning WallRover B ROV wall climbing platform with an elevateable rear module that holds the Proceq Profoscope™ rebar detector and an innovative marker pen sub-system.