The WallRover B remotely operated vehicle platform.

Inspection of man-made structures is an essential part of maintenance and decommissioning operations. Gaining access to structures at height can take considerable time and be dose, labour and financially intensive to achieve. WallRover unmanned surface climbing vehicle platforms enables above ground level operations to be accomplished cheaper, faster, safer.

The WallRover B unmanned surface climbing vehicle platform is the heavy lift member of the WallRover family. They are general purpose ROV platforms capable of carrying a wide array of payloads over extended periods in hard-to-reach locations, whilst its operator is kept at a safe stand-off distance on the ground.

The WallRover B does not rely on a physical seal to a surface to climb, the only contact between a WallRover B and the wall are its tracks which enable it to traverse uneven, wetted, dirty surfaces, including: brick walls, windows, stainless steel. The WallRover B's tracks confer precision manoeuvrability in restricted spaces so allowing diverse payloads to be accurately positioned. The WallRover B can be operated inverted and can be self-righted by being driven to the nearest vertical surface which it can mount and then flipped over.

Diverse +5kg payloads: USB-powered sensors, detectors;

  • Tracks confer precision manoeuvrability on diverse vertical surfaces; 

  • User-friendly game-pad hand controller;

  • Visual inspection with front extendable/elevateable camera;

  • Fixed wide angle rear camera for navigation and inspection;

  • 2-channel DVR for post mission analysis;

  • Onboard LED's for missions in dark environments;

  • Optional Proceq Profoscope® rebar detector and rebar orientatation marker payload;

  • Optional Viridiscope® laser sputtering and debris collection payload;

  • Optional Kromek GR-1® gamma spectrometer, the world's smallest;

  • Multi-Spect software for real-time GR-1 radio-nuclide analysis;

  • Used by Sellafield Ltd, UK: cheaper, faster, safer missions.

The Versatile WallRover B.

The Versatile WallRover B.

A user-friendly game-pad hand controller is used to control the WallRover B platform through a tablet PC, it is designed as a sensor and camera carrying platform even in complete darkness thanks to its on-board lights. Video can be recorded using the integrated SD card DVR. The 25 metres of power umbilical allows the WallRover B to remotely survey rooms or high walls using its linear actuated, tilt-able colour camera, whose imagery is displayed on a 9 inch LCD display. WallRover B's can be operated for many hours continuously.

Dr. Gary Sewell, founder of WallRover LTD with the WallRover B.

Dr. Gary Sewell, founder of WallRover LTD with the WallRover B.